Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Go Diagonal!
Anyway, here's how it looks worn (I'm totally wearing this next time I go to the East Village or SoHo):
And here it is lying flat:
I think the reason the lengthwise thing wasn't working for me was because I am an obsessive control freak when it comes to self-striping things, and I wanted to preserve the texture differences (they were getting lost the other way). Also, I didn't want to waste any of this yarn with Cast ons and Bind offs!

Solution? Go Diagonal!
(The above scarf was knitted with size #13 needles. The yarn was 110 yds. The maker of this yarn is Jacey of Insubordiknit. If you can't score any of that stuff, any self striping yarn will do)

Terms: Make One= Knit into the Front and Back of same stitch
Make Two= Knit into the Front, Back and Front of same stitch

CO 1 st
RS: Make Two: Keeping that one stitch on the left needle, Knit into the front, back, and front again of that one stitch. You now should have 3 sts.
WS: Knit those 3 sts
RS: Make One in the first stitch(K F&B), knit the middle stitch, Make One in the last st (5 sts)
WS: Knit across
RS: Make One in the first st (K F&B), knit to the last stitch, Make One. (7sts)

Continue in this manner, K F&B increasing in the first and last sts of the RS rows, and Knitting the WS rows until the scarf is the Width you want it. I increased until I had 19 sts.

Next RS row: K F&B of first stitch, knit until you reach the last two sts, K2tog.
WS: Knit

Keep doing this until your scarf is the Length you want it. I went for about 50".

Next RS row: K2tog, knit until you reach the last two sts, K2tog
WS: Knit

Continue until you've got 3 sts remaining. The next RS row, Knit these 3 sts tog. Cut yarn and draw through last loop. Weave in and you're done.

A little update: this pattern has been published in the book, Intertwined by Lexi Boeger!


pluckyfluff said...

hi there! i am writing a book on handspun yarn and a girl submitted a scarf for one of the projects based on your "go diagonal" pattern. i was wondering if i could publish it? full credit givin to you of course...name, website etc.
the book is called Pluckyfluff "Intertwined" and is being published by Rockport. it is due out in fall '07. Please let me know if you are interested.
lexi boeger

amanda said...

Thanks for this pattern! I just finished my own "go Diagonal" scarf, using Jacey's Purple Jag yarn.

Thanks again for sharing your creativity!

Jeff, Susie, Jackie, Eddie and ? said...

New to blogging and just now saw your comments on our page. I haven't been on it since we found out it didn't work. Thanks for checking it out and for the support. Send me an email when you get this to jeffkessinger@gmail.com. I couldn't figure out how to email you from this. We are trying again this friday, keep crossin fingers. Love to catch up with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great pattern. I just used it on some handspun I had been saving and it turned out wonderfully!

It's posted on ravelry under my name, whitefluffydogs.


Desiree said...

Great pattern, I will definiitely have to try it sometime!

Jessika said...

Perfect! I was actually up last night (new to knitting) trying to figure out how to do something like this. Thanks for sharing! I am starting it TODAY!!! I am so excited I can barely wait. Your instructions are so clear and easy, too. This is exactly what I was looking for. Congrats on being published!